Model: K1

【Greeting card】

This is a highly integrated handheld color inkjet printer with a print signal receiver and a print control board installed on the smallest body. It can print up to 1200 DPI in


【Greeting card】

The Pekoko portable printer makes your  greeting 

card no longer full with monotonous text. The unique 

editing function of App makes your wishes show on

 the paper easily with a gently sweeping.



Wood materials can also have excellent printing 

results, making it easy for you to hand making.


【T-shirt】Be afraid to wear the same T-shirt with others?

When you encounter someone who wears the same

T-shirt as yours on the road, you can use the Pekoko

portable printer to DIY your own unique T-shirt, even 

hats, canvas shoes, etc. can be printed in creative 




Ribbon material is also suitable. Pekoko et you 

highlight your personality with the unique presents 



【Present wrapping】

We make you more innovative! Let us to help you 

get the materials and images you want with pekoko 

portable printer.

NozzleThermal foaming nozzle (HP 2.0X)
Communication interfaceBluetooth
SoftwareAndroid / IOS
Printing distance2-5 mm to ensure the best print quality
Language简体中文, English, Français, 日本語, 한국어, Deutsch, Italiano, Español
Printing accuracy1200 DPI
Printing height14 mm
Printing length85 cm
Ink typeWater based
Ink capacity18 ml (Red x 6ml, blue x 6ml, yellow x 6ml)
Ink color

Full color

Printed contentColor, Chinese, English, Picture, Number, Symbol, Date, QR-code, Barcode
Printing materialsPaper materials, Stone, Plastic, Textiles, Wood, Leather, etc.
Charging portType-C USB
Machine materialABS / PC
Machine size90 × 68 × 78 mm
Machine net weight200 g
Use environmentTemperature 0-45 ° C (20-30 ° C best), Humidity 40-60%


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